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How To Make Your Urban Apartment Redevelopment More Environmentally Friendly

Urban centers generate an alarming amount of pollution, and today’s consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with the ecological impact of their life choices. Incorporating environmentally-friendly features into newly constructed apartment complexes will help to decrease their strain on the environment and will markedly increase their resale value.

If, like Steven Taylor LA real estate professional, you are professionally invested in urban redevelopment, you should seriously consider adding “green” architectural features to your upcoming projects. Here’s how you can turn a neglected or poorly maintained piece of property into a highly sought-after, cutting-edge, and ecologically sustainable residence.

  1. Install Energy-Efficient Features 

Installing energy-efficient appliances and water-conserving faucets in the latter stages of redevelopment will cut down on energy and water consumption inside the apartment building. This will reduce the apartment’s carbon footprint and its monthly utility costs, which could be incredibly attractive to potential buyers.

  1. Incorporate Green Roofs into the Architectural Redesign

A green roof is a patch of vegetation that has been planted atop a specially prepared roof. While green roofs certainly increase the aesthetic value of your redeveloped property, they also have several utilitarian purposes.

Green roofs play a significant role in temperature regulation and they protect the roof from ultraviolet radiation. They also preserve the integrity of the roof by staving off the effects of long-term exposure to weather and precipitation runoff.

Many developers are put off by the costly upfront expenses of constructing a green roof. But the National Parks Service states that a rooftop green space that has been well cared for can significantly lengthen the life of the roof and minimize the need for repairs, saving money for the property owner in the long run.

  1. Add Solar Panels

Installing solar panels can greatly increase initial construction costs, much like installing a green roof. However, the property owner will save on energy costs the longer the panels are in operation. And there are financial incentives provided by the federal government and by certain states for adding solar panels to residential and commercial buildings. Taking advantage of these offers will allow you to save some money, as well.

  1. Have Good Insulation

The HVAC systems of residential buildings consume massive amounts of energy each year, resulting in the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Having proper insulation will help to decrease the apartment complex’s energy output by allowing it to efficiently contain heated and cooled air. Good insulation is especially effective when combined with the natural insulating properties of a green roof.

  1. Use Environmentally Friendly Materials

Utilizing sustainable, reclaimed, and locally sourced materials in the construction of the new apartment complex will help to lessen its carbon footprint. Using paints that are marked as either non-VOC or low-VOC for the exterior and the interior of the building will also help to keep residents and their natural surroundings free of potentially hazardous chemicals.

Tenants and property owners alike are beginning to see the environmental and financial benefits of residential buildings with built-in sustainability measures. And, with mounting social pressure on various industries to be more eco-friendly, it is very likely that sustainable construction and design is the future of the real estate profession.