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Garden Projects to Tackle Over the Weekend

Being able to get out into the garden and spend some quality time in the fresh air is essential for our health, so it’s the perfect excuse to get stuck into some garden projects to keep you focused whilst being outdoors. The warmer weather has finally arrived and with it, come many different projects that need doing before the summer arrives. From fixing up the shed to creating a new outdoor living area, you can transform your garden step by step each weekend for a beautiful end result.

Grow Fruit & Vegetables

Many people are put off the idea of introducing a vegetable patch to the garden thinking they need expert skills and an endless supply of gardening knowledge, but that isn’t the case at all. A vegetable garden can be created from the smallest space, as long as you have room for the fruit and veg to grow, along with a steady flow of sunlight and frequent watering. Whether you’re starting out with your own fruit and veg patch, or you’re looking to expand your existing patch into something more impressive, you can create the perfect patch for your garden in no time at all. Take a look online at retailers like Two Wests to find out which gardening essentials you’ll need in order to achieve the best kind of vegetable patch, including which seeds to purchase and so on.

Introduce Window Boxes

If one thing can transform your homes exterior in an instant its window boxes. These handy little additions are ideal for adding colour and life to your home, without taking up any essential space around your property. Window boxes can be filled with beautiful flowers that enhance your home and create a lovely aesthetic from both outside and in. Just like curtains and blinds, window boxes can dress your windows perfectly and create a whole new look without having to break the bank.

Paint Your Fence

Whether your fence has started to fade during the winter months and is in desperate need of a fresh lick of paint or you simply fancy a new look, painting the fence over the weekend is a great task to get you into the garden and enjoying some much needed fresh air. Your fencing is a huge part of your garden as it’s a consistent feature throughout the whole space, so you want it to look as neat and tidy as possible. Have a look online at some paint retailers, specifically fence and outdoor paint, to find the right match for your garden!

Organise the Shed

Whilst it may not seem like a gardening project, the contents of the shed can become cluttered and messy and very much in need of a good organising. Organising your shed is an essential project that needs to be carried out at least 4 times a year as it’s incredible how much stuff can build up in there and start to take over. Sheds are ideal for storage and keeping the rest of your garden neat and tidy, but you need to be able to use the shed properly and access things with ease. Start by taking everything out of your shed and put everything back in order, with a process, to make it much easier to use during the summer. You can find some great shed storage ideas on Amazon that will really help to keep the space neat and organised.