Real Estate

Elliot Adler Reflects on Successes in Real Estate Investing 

Investing in residential properties, commercial real estate or vacation homes can offer exciting returns and new business opportunities. Elliot Adler has invested in real estate and experienced success building real estate portfolios, developing relationships with property managers, obtaining financing and growing return on investment. Using a risk-based approach makes winning in real estate a reality.

Portfolio Optimization

Finding the right properties to purchase can be difficult, because there are many variables that investors must analyze to find the best investment opportunities. Elliot Adler notes that macroeconomic trends, government monetary policy and local real estate conditions are important to study before buying. While the initial purchase should be based on expected return, monitoring investment properties closely and selling underperforming units can help optimize portfolios. Similar decisions, such as maintenance and repairs, are important for creating sustainable, balanced portfolios.

Developing Relationships

Elliot Adler underscores the importance of building relationships in real estate investment. Realtors, mortgage brokers and property managers make a big difference when creating and managing investment portfolios. Elliot Adler has had success working with realtors to find properties to purchase often at a discount. He has also gained favorable financing and has worked with property managers to create sustainable cash flows. Positive relationships have made winning in real estate possible.

Responsible Financing

Borrowing money to invest in real estate involves risk, but with the right financing strategy, that risk can be mitigated to an acceptable level. Elliot Adler notes that responsible borrowing has made his real estate investing a success over the long term. It is important to calculate return on investment, and your overall debt exposure in contrast to market conditions, to make financing decisions. Building a sizable real estate portfolio can take time, but rushing it with large debt loads may lead to distress.

Elliot Adler, San Diego, is a seasoned real estate professional with a background in development and investing. Real estate offers an impressive return on investment when transactions are structured correctly, and practitioners have the right long-term mindset. Leveraging a conservative risk profile can lead to lasting success.