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Create a Chic Kitchen with Matte Features

In the world of interior design, everyone is always on the lookout for the next big interior trend. Having a chic, trendy home is a huge goal for many and by staying up to date with key design features you can ensure you’ll achieve just that. It’s time to say goodbye to the stainless-steel overload that saw a huge spike in interior trends a few years ago, as its new replacement is bigger and bolder. Introducing features with a matte finish will instantly transform your home décor and bring your interiors right up to date. Making a bold statement with a unique touch of personality, we’ve gathered some top tips on how you can create a chic kitchen space with the addition of matte features.

Choosing a Colour Palette

When it comes to choosing a colour palette, it’s important to focus on colours that are going to complement each other and enhance the matte features you’re going to be working with. Colour is key when it comes to interior design and having the right palette will ensure the perfect atmosphere within your home. For the kitchen, you want to focus on bright, bold colours that make the space feel open and clean. You often find that many people opt for a monochrome colour scheme with matte features, focusing strongly on black and white to lift the atmosphere and create a really modern, bold feel. You can then look at introducing softer pops of colour through additional features such as artwork and kitchen utensils.

Making it Matte

As one of the strongest interior trends of the moment, matte accessories are a great way of transforming your home. The kitchen is a space packed full of potential for matte features, from the cabinet handles and pulls to light switches, appliances such as the kettle and toaster and much more.  With stunning collections like the Urban Matt Black Suite from GJohns, it’s now so easy to introduce matte features including ironmongery and electricals to really enhance your existing décor and create a trendy, chic atmosphere.

Maintaining a Stylish Aesthetic

Keeping your décor style consistent throughout each room is key to achieving a chic, trendy aesthetic. It’s really easy to maintain the same aesthetic throughout, simply look at adding features of similar colour and finish, such as matte, without adding anything too different or contrasting that could throw the whole aesthetic off balance. Whether you’re looking at updating your whole kitchen, or simply introducing a few matte features such as handles and pulls to give the space a fresh touch, you can create a stunning aesthetic without taking away from the existing décor.

Creating Unique Personality

One of the great things about interior design is the ability to express your personality in a number of different ways. From bold artwork, to the overall decorative touches such as fabrics and finishes used throughout, you can make your interiors pop with unique personality that makes your house your home.