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How to Keep a Move at or Even Under Budget

Moving is many things to many different people. That statement might not mean much at the start of a move. But by the end of it one will typically see how much possibility can be packed into a single sentence. Because in reality a move is filled with choices. There’s hundreds of small decisions which lead to hundreds more. Enough choices that one can quickly become quite concerned over the monetary and emotional cost of it all. But with a little extra planning those choices can lead to saving time, money and emotional strain. In fact, a move can actually be fun when planned for in just the right way.

Most of the following tips can be categorized under a single word – planning. The further in advance one can plan the greater the overall savings. Of course this isn’t always possible. But if one can plan half a year to a full year in advance, it’s possible to fully maximize one’s savings. On the other hand North American Van Lines takes care of everything.  You save time and stress.  So it just depends on what type of person you are which way you go.

One big reason for this savings is that there’s a typical season for moves. If you can move during an off season than you’ll typically be able to get a better rate. It’s going to vary by region. But in general, this means that one should try to move between October and April. When moving services are in heavy demand they keep prices high to maximize profit. But when less people are moving they’re forced to lower prices in an attempt to compete for the much more scarce customers.

If this seems like a long time than you’re in luck. The more time you have until the moving date the more time you have to pack. This might seem to go from planning into overplanning at first. But there’s more to packing for a move than simply stuffing everything in a box. Ideally a move should actually allow you to not just spend money, but offset costs by earning it as well. Most people will find that they have a lot of items which seem pointless to move. Basically, one should consider something when packing.

Ask yourself whether it’s worth buying an item all over again before you put it into a box. And if so, would you rather have it as it is now or a newer version? Because in the end you’re essentially buying everything you move to a new location. The cost of moving is a cost to keep something. And more often than not you also have a chance to sell those items. So it comes down to a question. Would you rather pay to keep the item or get paid to leave it behind? This isn’t just a good way to make money either.

Many people find that a move gives them a fantastic chance for a fresh start. By selling old and unwanted items people have a chance to make that fresh start even more appealing. Some of our possessions lift us up. But it’s surprisingly common for us to hold onto a wide variety of possessions which anchor us as low as possible.

Next, you should consider whether it’s possible to just rent a moving truck instead of going with a full moving service. This isn’t going to be possible for a lot of people. It requires some level of familiarity driving in a larger van. And there’s the additional difficulty of heavy furniture or boxes. But if one can do so than it’s a solid way to save money.

Finally, keep in mind that moving supplies can become quite costly over time. Even strong tape can start to become a significant cost when spread over enough boxes. And if ordered online those boxes can be quite costly as well. Instead, see if you can find cheaper alternatives. Friends who buy things through online retailers are probably eager to give away boxes rather than waiting around for recycling days. And one can often find good deals on every other type of supply as well.

If one keeps these tips in mind than a move isn’t just going to be cost effective. It’s also going to be stress free. And that’s something which most people wish they could buy. And it’s just a side effect of having a move be as cost effective as possible.