Tips for Finding the Best Real Estate Agent

Whether you are purchasing or selling your home, you need an experienced local real estate agent. However, finding one requires more than searching “experienced real estate agents Elizabethtown PA.”

Ask for Referrals

Chances are, someone you know has purchased or sold property within the last few years. Ask these individuals how their experiences were, specifically whether the agent was able to meet their needs and provided good customer service. You want a realtor who communicates with you regularly, listens to what you want and has and shares their insight about the real estate in specific neighborhoods, towns and rural areas. You may also ask local banks and contractors for their recommendations.

Research Your Candidates

Find out about your prospective agents’ licensing, experience and training. Make sure they are members of the National Association of Realtors because these individuals must abide by a specific code of ethics and may go through accreditation processes.

Conduct an online search of the real estate agents to identify their Better Business Bureau rating and outstanding complaints and their standing with the local chamber of commerce.

Meet With Your Candidates

Let them know you are interviewing multiple candidates, and don’t sign any paperwork until you have chosen your agent. Discuss their process and the number of homes they are currently selling. Ask how many they have sold recently. Learn about their network and relationships with other realtors in the area because you want easy access to every property that interests you and is on the market. Ask about their preferred communication style and how often they will check in with you. You need to know about their process. Finally, ask for references, and be sure to check them.

Observe how you are treated and whether the agent is truly listening to you and provides you with examples of homes you may be interested in. Look over and compare the realtors’ contracts carefully.

It only takes a little extra work to distinguish an adequate real estate agent from a great one.