Tips for Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Whether you are buying or selling a home, a great real estate agent can make the process quicker and easier. Rather than just searching for local agents, e.g., real estate agents Hackensack NJ, consider the following tips.


Not only should you look for someone with extensive experience in real estate, but you should also look for someone with significant experience in the neighborhood or area you want to buy or sell in. Your agent should have experience buying and selling in general, including effective marketing strategies, a notable success rate and a streamlined process for both buying and selling. However, your prospective agents should understand the value and movement of the area you are interested in. For example, if a housing or business district is on the rise, it would be a good time to buy, but if it is losing value, your agent should direct you away from purchasing there or give you ideas to make the property you are selling look more appealing.


In addition to experience, you need a person you can work well with. Your realtor’s personality will play a key role in your real estate success. Search for agents who are focused on their properties and prospective buyers and sellers, not themselves. Review their advertising closely.

You also want someone who is a great communicator and negotiator. They should have an extensive vocabulary related to real estate and be able to explain things clearly to buyers. They should also have networks of individuals they regularly work with, including contractors, mortgage brokers and inspectors.

Ask for Referrals

Anyone who has recently bought or sold a home is a good source of referral. However, you may also ask bankers, real estate attorneys and contractors who they recommend.

Don’t rely solely on referrals, though. Do some homework. Look for online reviews, including Better Business Bureau ratings and outstanding complaints.

Having a great real estate agent can streamline and ease your purchasing or selling process. Do a little research to find the best agent available.