The housing market in Chicago and information on Beal Properties

Beal Properties can help people find the right apartment for them. People can search for a place to stay on their website, view tenant information, see a list of properties, view an about page, send an online application, or pay online. Some neighborhoods listed on the site are Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Gold Coast, and more. Beal Properties has been helping people find apartments for 30 years and counting. They have a blog centered around posts to appreciate employees.

Beal Properties runs a LinkedIn page as well to post apartments and motivational content. They see themselves as a leader in the real estate sector. As described, they offer apartments from many neighborhoods across Chicago. Their company is run by about 11-50 employees and is privately held.

An article from Patch explains why it can be beneficial to rent an apartment in Chicago rather than owning a home. Purchasing a home was seen as a big step to raising a family and being a part of the middle class. It was an integral part of obtaining the American Dream that many sought out for all their lives. People have been skipping this to focus on experience over possession. One of the reasons is many apartment buildings have been built in Chicago. Property owners have been able to keep prices fair and persuade individuals to purchase units with bonuses.

People see it as convenient to purchase a rental because of all the activities that can be done within walking distance of the apartment. For example, people who live in downtown Chicago have the option to take public transport to go where they want, whether that be to get something to eat or enjoy the city. Many businesses are downtown along with museums. It is also a help in the environment as cars are not needed to get to places with available public transport.

When it comes to downtown activities, Chicago holds festivals, clubs, and cultural activities to downtown residents. Those are examples of experiences over ownership. The real estate market has been able to be diversified with stagnant costs and upgrades to condos. Beal Properties has been one of the property management leaders in creating condos. Small businesses have been given the chance to succeed and prosper by offering apartments in the city. Chicago offers a variety of apartments not just for the wealthy.

The patch article explains the decrease in people wanting to purchase a home because of a lost appeal and the variety of apartments available to renters. Today, people see an issue with a changing market where it could be tough to sell a home later on. Renting is seen as a better option for people who do not need a lot of space. Owning a home can mean a lot of work to keep the property in shape while an apartment is much less work to maintain. Fewer people have been able to purchase a home because of mounting student loan debt. They see it as a better option to pay off the loans first so moving into an apartment near the city and working is seen as a healthier option. Young adults are delaying marriage, making it another reason to not purchase a home as it is catered towards families.