Siding Maintenance Tips for Different Types of Materials

If you want to properly maintain your siding, you need to be careful to consider the type of material you have installed on your home. While it’s true that most common siding needs very little care and upkeep in order to preserve its condition and appearance, you can’t just neglect it entirely either.

After all, your home’s exterior siding has been designed and manufactured to withstand all kinds of punishment whether it’s the howling winds, excessive levels of precipitation, or objects hitting the side of the house for whatever reason.

But when it comes to caring for siding raleigh nc, you need to ensure that you are taking the proper steps for cleaning it correctly while safeguarding it from unnecessary wear and tear. So, let’s take a look at the most popular types of siding and the best ways to maintain it:

Vinyl Siding

The biggest selling point to vinyl siding is that you don’t have to put any real effort into maintaining it. In fact, it’s manufactured to withstand just about anything you can throw at it, literally. All you really need to do is power wash it once or twice a year to clear away any surface grime, dust, smog, and insects that might try to make a home inside the ledges.

You can do this work yourself or call in a professional power washing service to do the work instead. But that’s really about it. Vinyl is the easiest of materials to maintain.

Wood Siding

Unlike vinyl, wood is a lot tougher to maintain because you have to physically perform more steps. Although it’s not a challenge to keep your wood in peak condition, it’s still more than you’ll be expected to do for something like vinyl. Fortunately, this is maintenance you only need to do every four to six years.

How often will depend mostly on the climate where you live. Areas with a lot of sunlight or excessive moisture in the air may require that you refinish your siding more often than those regions where the weather isn’t as harsh on your materials.

Stucco Siding

Be very cautious when you are cleaning up stucco. This is a material that is known for being porous and it can stain very easily, regardless of what spills on it. Whether it’s tree sap or dirty water from your gutters overhead, bright stucco can absorb all kinds of liquids.

This porous surface is also inviting to birds and other pests that might try to live inside of your home’s stucco siding, especially when the temperatures become extreme and the elements overwhelming. So be sure you don’t have anything making a home inside of your stucco before you clean it.

Metal Siding

The biggest challenge with metal siding is combating rust. If you discover that your siding is showing signs of rust, just scrape it away and add a protective sealant to keep it from coming back. Paint tends to chip from metal siding over time, so you might need to eliminate what remains and then repaint the siding all over again.