Montreal’s Spring Festivities Are Here

No one can do winter like Canada. But you might not know that in Montreal, spring is a beautiful part of the year, even if it comes a little later than usual. Now, you will be able to experience the amazing Montreal festivities that happen each spring.

Every year, the town goes all out for numerous major events, from St. Patrick’s Day to the delicious Fête du Croissant. These celebrations offer opportunities to experience food, art, culture, and everything else that make Montreal great. These events are among the wonderful things you’ll get to experience while living in condos in downtown Montreal.

  1. Blue Metropolis Literary Festival

If you are a literature buff, the Blue Metropolis Literary Festival is heaven on earth. This festival takes place in late April or early May, and it is the biggest convention around for authors, illustrators, photographers, publishers, and everyone who works in the publishing industry. Here, you can hobnob with literary professionals from all over the globe. For 2019, the festival will take place from May 2 to May 5. It’s the perfect event to take part in while living in condos in downtown Montreal.

  1. Festival TransAmériques

This amazing three-week festival is a celebration of contemporary dance and theatre. Event performances showcase styles from all over the globe from some of the best dancers, choreographers, and directors in the industry. These presentations are also premieres, so you will be watching shows that have never been seen by any other audience. There is no doubt that you will be amazed by the performances you will see during this festival, which takes place in late May to early June. It is an event that you cannot miss when you are living in condos in downtown Montreal.

  1. Fête du Croissant

The croissant festival happens in late April or early May. During this delicious festival, bakeries across the city prepare mouth-watering croissants at reduced prices for the hungry crowd. There is no end to the delicacies you can find, from steaming traditional croissants delivered straight up from the oven to ones with special twists. Montreal’s finest pastry shops take part in this festival, so you shouldn’t miss it. You can find delicious croissants at almost any bakery across the city, making it easy to find these buttery treats from any condos in downtown Montreal.

  1. Braderie de Mode Québécoise

This event, also known as the Big Fashion Sale by Quebec Designers, is your antidote to spring cleaning. Taking place in the middle of April, this event is all about shopping. Customers can find unbelievable deals during this time, with steep discounts up to 80 percent off. If you are on the lookout for high-quality fashion without paying the high price, the Big Fashion Sale by Quebec Designers is an unmissable event. It happens within easy distance to many condos in downtown Montreal. This is just one of many amazing spring events that you can find in the city.