Is Your Foundation Bad? 5 Signs of Serious Trouble

The home’s foundation is something most homeowners trust to remain sturdy and reliable. The barrier, after all, is holding up your residence, providing stability to the place your like to seek comfort and safety. This structural part, though, may suffer from trouble, and it’s important that homeowners understand what to spot as potential issues. Here are three signs you should seek assistance from an  Edens Structural Tulsa engineer.

  1. Excess Moisture in Beams

Moisture accumulation means that somehow water is penetrating into the foundation or interior beams. This could happen through crevices or changes in the foundation level. As the humidity increases, the house is likely to develop mold and mildew. Wood may even begin to rot. Check your crawlspace often to see if you have concerns. Mold grows quickly, so you want to catch this trouble sooner rather than later.

  1. Dips or Drops

The foundation may change when the soil begins to move to other locations. Much like building something on your own, if the bottom moves, the floor is going to have problems too. The slab no longer has enough substance, and so it sinks to lower levels. Speak with professionals if you observe this issue. The underlying problem should be corrected to avoid potential collapses or foundation breaks.

  1. Fixture Separation

Sinks, counters and cabinets are fixed to the wall. At times, the caulking may wear away, creating a small open space. While this may be typical, it becomes troublesome when the gap is larger and continue to grow. Anything more than 1/8″ wide is something to have evaluated since it could be a sign of the foundation moving.

Live on firm ground by checking for signs of foundation trouble. If you see any possible issues, speak with experts in the field. Correct it as soon as possible.